Affordable websites shouldn't look cheap!

All-In Web Services was founded in 2008 by Craig Beaman with the primary motivation of ministering to small churches with the Internet.

cb_400x400While serving as a small church pastor just outside the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, he suggested that the church look into creating a website. He was greeted with a friendly, “We don’t need a website. Most of us aren’t that computer-savvy.”

Many small churches and organizations have reservations about setting up a website because of the (assumed) prohibitive costs associated with purchasing a domain and hosting account, not to mention the expense of having someone develop a professional-looking site. It’s difficult for them to see the value of sinking large quantities of money into something that most of the members would never use. Craig saw that the value of having a church website goes beyond ministering to just the church’s members. There are countless opportunities to minister to people who may be looking for a church home. Compared to other methods, the Internet could be a relatively inexpensive option for letting people know you’re out there.

Realizing that these reservations are not limited to churches, he expanded his vision to include small businesses and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in his business plan.

Craig says he was aware of the Internet before there was an “Internet”. Since its first availability to the general public in the mid-1990s, he has been surfing the web as a hobby. He says jokingly adds, “I have delivered electronic content for longer than many web designers have known how to type.”

In 2004 he was responsible for the e-learning rollout for a Fortune 500 company’s call center. Later, he was involved in converting sales training materials into electronic format for Internet access for the company’s nationwide sales force in over 7000 stores. Before leaving the company he also contributed to its e-learning Instructional Design Methodology.

Craig recognizes the value of good stewardship for small churches and organizations. One ministry he’s familiar with invested $2000 for a developer to design a site; they ended up spending another $4000 to get what they originally thought they were getting. He says, “It’s really sad to see how people get sucked into spending way more than they planned. Granted, I’m not a computer science major; I know my limitations. But I’ll do everything I can to deliver a quality solution at a fair price.”

And that’s why All-In Web Services was created: To provide affordable website solutions to small churches and organizations.