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What’s the big deal about Search Engine Optimization and why is SEO so important?

Search Engine Optimization is more than submitting your site to Google, Yahoo! and Bing.



Get to the highest page location of searches so people can find your website, find you, get more visits, get more sales, etc.


What’s involved in SEO?

We will work with you to increase the saturation of key terms so people can find your site based on those searches.
Testing according to Google Analytics over time.
Editing of other “back-end” files on your site.


Beware of unscrupulous SEO companies!

Some of the things that these vendors will do (and charge you a LOT of money in the process!):

  • One-time submission of your website to the search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.)
  • Using “link farms” to boost the number of times your site is linked to. Theoretically, this works, but Google and other Search Engines have wised up to this practice and will often blacklist sites that use link farms.
  • Load up your site’s “meta tags” with alternate spellings and unnecessary, unrelated keywords. This may get your site blacklisted as well.
  • Hide text that the search engines see that humans don’t. Again, this may get your site blacklisted also.


Search Engine Optimization is time-intensive work.

It takes time to edit your site (hours/days) and it also takes time (days/weeks/months) to monitor and massage the content for better search engine visibility.


Don’t gamble with your website’s Search Engine Rank when you can go All-In with professional SEO.