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WordPress Website Maintenance is at the core of what we do. Maintenance is included for free for one year when we bring on a new client for website development. After the first year, almost all of our clients prefer to contract with us to maintain their website for the long term.

So what is WordPress Care and Maintenance?

WordPress is a very robust and secure platform. That is, it can be. And it should be.

WordPress runs on its Core program files. Plugins add functionality, allowing WordPress to do more than the Core is designed to do alone. And Themes give your website its individual look-and-feel. Occasionally Core, Plugin and Theme updates are released intended to patch security holes or add more features to your website. Some of these updates are critical while some fix spelling errors and small bugs, and add more functionality.

The WordPress Database is where all of the critical information for your website is kept. This is where WordPress stores much of your content, user data, passwords, etc. The WordPress configuration files and your database are what makes your website function properly.

Occasionally things happen. Hosting company servers crash, email servers malfunction, causing emails to be delayed, malicious hackers try to break into your web host and your website’s “back-end”, attempting to install malware to take control of your website, redirect your website visitors to other websites, or steal your private and business information.

And don’t think that hackers won’t take interest in your low-traffic, small organization website! Some of our smallest organization clients have more visits from people/robots trying to break into their website than they have legitimate website visitors. Yes, really!

As your website ages, your WordPress database may be pushed to its limits. Occasional hiccups can result in a corrupted database or configuration files. And sometimes those hiccups can take down your website, making it completely inaccessible to visitors, search engines — and you, too! Going to your website reveals a “white screen of death” when the website can’t connect to the database, or your website visitors may be greeted with a “page not found” or similar error.

If your website goes offline for even a few minutes, we are alerted by text message so we can begin troubleshooting why your website is offline, and we work to get it back online as quickly as possible.

While we enjoy the occasional challenges and learning experiences of troubleshooting, it isn’t how we want to spend all of our time — or even most of our time. Instead, we’d rather keep your website optimized and backed up. We’d rather put security measures in place to prevent hackers from breaking into your website in the first place. We’d rather lock them out permanently if they try to break in by brute force.

Our goal is for you to feel satisfied that your website is running just as it should, with no worries that someone can take it down. So we run daily backups of your database. We run security checks. We monitor your online status.

We know WordPress. And we know that it’s very important that your website projects a positive image of you and your organization. And because our name is at the bottom of every page of your website, we want your website to project a positive image of us, too.

Most of our clients are small churches and ministries. Above all, we want your website to project a positive image of God. And that’s why WordPress Maintenance is one of our core activities. (Colossians 3:23)

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