Affordable websites shouldn't look cheap!

Most church website hosts charge too much!

Let us help you be a better steward!

Every small church, nonprofit, and small organization operates on a tight budget. Having served in ministry for many years,  we know it’s important to squeeze every bit out of your donations to make the money go as far as possible. We get it!

We recently shopped our competition of some of the most popular church website hosts. They charge from free to upwards of $250 to $1000 to develop a new church website. Once the website is online, they charge $20-$75 PER MONTH to keep your church website online. That’s a lot of money that can’t be used for other areas of your organization!

Startup Costs
From that recent price comparison, even if you opted for a company that had no startup costs, you’d still have to pay $29 or $72 per month to keep your new church website online.

Monthly Subscriptions and Maintenance Fees
The bottom line is that you’re looking at investing $240 to $900 per year to keep your website online each year with most of our competitors. Most small churches, nonprofits and other small organizations find it difficult to justify that kind of overhead!

Let us build you a custom bid for a custom website based on your website needs. We won’t try to shoe-horn you into a pre-packaged product that has more features than you’ll ever use and other features you’ll outgrow.

We don’t have pre-packaged prices because we don’t sell pre-packaged products.

Let’s work together to help you to be the best stewards you can be. Contact us today!