Another WordPress Update

It’s August 18, 2016 and as promised, the fine people who produce WordPress have released the newest version of the platform. There are a few new bells and whistles, most of which will go unnoticed by website visitors. However, website administrators will notice a few things in the “back end” of the Admin Panel.

If you are one of our clients, your website has already been updated and I have verified that your website continues to look good and function properly. If you notice strange behavior on your website over the next few days (or anytime actually), please don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible!

If you need a re-design or need new features, please let us know!

As a reminder, if you haven’t recently updated your passwords, please take a few minutes to do that now. If you’re struggling to keep up with all of your passwords, let me recommend LastPass; it’s a password manager that will help you to not only keep things straight, but it will even create those “strong passwords” some websites require (All websites should require them!).

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